Welcome to Virginia Wine: History Uncorked

Discover more about the history and progress of wine in Virginia.

Virginia wine has a rich history from the colony’s origins through present day.  Since the first attempts to grow vines in Virginia, wine has made an impact in the economic history of the Commonwealth. Today, Virginia wines have grown in national and international prominence. Virginia now has over 200 wineries, a state grape, and an entire month dedicated to Virginia wine.

Started as a graduate school project and a wine hobby, today vawineuncorked.com features the history timeline of wine in Virginia. Through the blog, we explore wineries in the state, look at new literature dedicated to the industry, and dive into the history of the wines we taste, the wineries we visit, and the historic sites near wineries for exploration of the Commonwealth around tastings.

Learn more about the history of Virginia wine, the economic impact wine has had on the state, key players involved in this impact, and discover more about where Virginia wine is today thanks to its rich history and future potential.

Recent posts added to “The Blog“:

Learn more about special topics of interest concerning Virginia wine, and help contribute to the discussion. Is there anything you would like to see researched and added to the special topics? Email vawineuncorked@gmail.com.


2 Responses to Welcome to Virginia Wine: History Uncorked

  1. Thanks! I enjoy reading your posts. By the way, DuCard Vineyards in Etlan has recently released possibly its best Cab Franc ever. I hope you have an opportunity to try it!

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