Stay In-State and Immerse Yourself in History with a Colonial Williamsburg Vacation

This summer, we were looking for the perfect mini-vacation and found it with Colonial Williamsburg. We stayed at the Williamsburg Lodge with the two-night couple’s package. The lodge was beautiful and accommodating. We experienced a warm welcome and a comfortable room. Additional perks through the package and Lodge included a complimentary bottle of champagne, truffles, a carriage ride through Revolutionary City and priority dining reservations. In addition, we received our admission passes for Revolutionary City so we could immerse ourselves in history anytime during our stay, which was only a short two block walk from the Lodge. It was a perfect in-state escape.

Revolutionary City was alive with action during our stay, including informative interpreters and programs spread throughout the day to bring us back to the 1770s. A couple of our favorite tours included the Capitol building, where we were the only ones on the tour first-thing in the morning so we could ask the interpreter anything we wanted to know. We also loved R. Charlton’s Coffeehouse, where visitors were brought back in time to learn about the rooms and décor of the coffeehouse, the events that took place, and in the end get to sample some delicious coffee, cocoa, or tea. (I opted for the cocoa and recommend this) Finally, we toured the Governor’s House, which brings visitors back to the day after Lord Dunmore and his family fled Williamsburg following threats from mobs and angry townspeople. The experience was fun for both the history lover (me) and the casual vacationer (my boyfriend) alike as we were looking for an escape from work.

During our stay, we also shopped Merchant’s Square and other gift shops around town. Virginia wines were present in every shop where wine was available for purchase. We enjoyed a nice selection of wines to pick from in the Cheese Shop in Merchant’s Square. Barboursville, Rappahannock Cellars, and the Williamsburg Winery were some of the wines we frequently came across during our shopping. During one of our evening meals, we ate at the King’s Arm Tavern, a dining experience I highly recommend, where we enjoyed a nice Cabernet Franc from Rappahannock Cellars. The food was delicious here (I highly recommend the prime rib) and the wine selection and historical interpretation perks added to the wonderful experience.

Something I will write about further in a different post was our trip to Williamsburg Winery. Only a short five mile drive approximately from the hotel, the winery was close to our stay and was set on beautiful lands. It was a brief escape into the beautiful country side to sample wines from a winery I enjoy.

To conclude, if you are looking for a mini-vacation to escape from the realities of present-day, I highly recommend Colonial Williamsburg. The accommodations at the Williamsburg Lodge were comfortable, and the couple’s package featured additional perks that made our stay all the more enjoyable. Revolutionary City was full of action and activities, fun for families of all ages and young couples alike. Finally, for the Virginia wine lover, we were surrounded by some delicious wines and other local products available for purchase in shops throughout the city. It was a relaxing retreat, and we are already planning ahead for our next trip to town.

– Christina


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