10 Virginia Wines I Enjoyed in 2014

As the year draws to a close, I wanted to reflect back on some of the new Virginia wines I tried in 2014 and really enjoyed. Just a note: the wines below are in no particular order. And I do apologize I do not have the year for a couple of them. Going into 2015, I am hoping to post more special topics on vawineuncorked.com and build on the content. Any suggestions, please share my way!

  1. Paradise Springs 2008 Norton – I tasted this Norton during the Prohibition event at Paradise Springs Winery recently… it was delicious. I am a Norton fan, and this wine did not disappoint. It had the rich, earthy tones I look for in a Norton. Smooth and snappy on the tongue at the same time.
  2. Barrel Oak Winery 2012 Peanut’s Petite Cuvee – Our VA Wine and Book Club went to Barrel Oak for a wine tasting in early Summer. This was a group favorite! Light, refreshing… perfect for a summer’s day! I was sad the next time I returned and they were out… it was a popular hit!
  3. Rebec Vineyard Autumn Glow – One of my favorites. This wine is sweet, but not too sweet. Crisp and perfect for a warm summer’s day or a cool evening.
  4. Arterra Wines Blueberry Apple Wine – This winery made their debut tasting appearance at the Clifton Wine Festival this past spring. I was entranced with the taste combination of this blueberry-apple. It melted in my mouth! My only disappointment was that I did not purchase more bottles.
  5. Paradise Springs 2013 Sommet Blanc – Another group favorite when we go to the winery. Lately I have been in a sweeter mood than usual. This Sommet Blanc hits the spot and was the perfect wine choice for a sunny day picnic this past weekend. Sweet, fruity, and perfect served real chill.
  6. Fincastle Vineyard and Winery Hybrid Vigor – We sampled this one at the Clifton Wine Festival and still have a bottle on our wine rack waiting for the right day to drink. Light, refreshing… can’t wait! This bottle also came with a short lesson on tartaric crystals in wine.
  7. Annefield Vineyard 2012 White – Looks like I may have been in more of a whites mood than usual this year looking at my list… this white was another light, tropical wine. I’m usually not much for white wines, but I very much enjoyed this one.
  8. Mattaponi Winery Sangria – This sangria is one of the best… the fruity and sparkling combination kept me wanting to get back for more.
  9. Chrysalis Vineyards Sarah’s Patio Red (Norton) – I came across this red in the grocery store the other day and purchased it. This wine was sweeter and smoother than the typical Norton. It did not have the earthy, bold taste I love from Nortons, and after sipping it left me wondering how they transformed the taste like that! It was a surprisingly refreshing Norton, I recommend chilling before sipping.
  10. Rogers Ford Farm Winery 2010 Petit Verdot – This is another bottle we have on our shelf waiting for a special occasion to open. Spicy, smooth, perfect for a steak dinner.

There you have it – 10 wines I found memorable this past year from winery visits, store purchases and tastings. Happy New Year!


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Lover of history and wine | Colonial America and Virginia history | Virginia wine lover with a book addiction | vawineuncorked.com
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