10 Virginia Wineries I Hope to Visit in 2015

Now that I have more time on my hands since I have finished graduate school, I am hoping to visit more wineries this year throughout Virginia that I have not been to before. I have sampled wines from majority of these places, although there are a couple of new places I have not and hope to experience (including King Family, Wolf Gap and Shenandoah). These are a few stand-out wineries near the top of my to-visit list I especially hope to make it to these next few months.  *Just a note: this list is in no specific order

  1. The Winery at Bull Run – I have wanted to visit this winery to be immersed in the history there for a while. I finally have the chance this weekend when our VA Wine and Book Club heads for our next meeting! So this will be the first of the 10 wineries I hope to visit checked off for 2015!
  2. Chrysalis Vineyards – I love Norton wines, and Chrysalis is known for their Norton. I read the book The Wild Vine and have wanted to visit since. In addition, I love the area it is located in…so beautiful!
  3. Barboursville Vineyard – This vineyard recently appeared on the “101 Best Wineries in America” list and I have been interested in visiting for a while… all the more reason to now!
  4. Philip Carter Winery – This winery is not a far drive from where I live. I keep seeing deals for the winery on Living Social and hope to visit with friends soon. I have enjoyed some of their wines before, and hope to make a day-visit to enjoy the winery’s scenery as well.
  5. Cobbler Mountain Cellars and Cider – Another winery I actually came across on Living Social this week. I love the Cider addition, which, mixed with wine, catches the attention and taste buds of both my boyfriends and myself.
  6. Three Fox Vineyards – We have been to Barrel Oak a few times and always pass the sign for Three Fox. In addition to the sign, I’ve noticed they are very active on Twitter… after seeing their logo so many times, this is the year I hope to visit!
  7. Horton Vineyards – Horton wines have been some of my favorites for years. I have been talking about visiting for a while, and now that graduate school is complete, I should have more time to actually schedule that visit.
  8. King Family Vineyards – I have heard about King Family Vineyards for a while and would love to visit for a polo match! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. (When football is not on)
  9. Shenandoah Vineyards and/or Wolf Gap Vineyard and Winery – Ok, I cheated and put two here. I go camping out in Edinburg and have been meaning to stop by a winery out there for a while. Shenandoah Vineyards is so close and the history is drawing me in. My only concern is if it is dog friendly? My dogs would not be ok with me going camping without them… Wolf Gap is right there, and by the looks of their homepage, it looks like they are dog-friendly? I hope to visit both, just depends on if I have the butts (aka the dogs)!
  10. Arterra Wines – I sampled their blueberry apple wine at the Clifton Wine Festival this past year and fell in love. The winery is set to open in February 2015, and I hope to be one of the first to visit. What makes this location extra neat is the addition of Hawkmoth Arts – it’s an experience!

To accompany the top list, if anyone has any camping recommendations near these wineries, I would love to hear them! I am a pitch-a-tent in the snow or heat type of gal, and am always down for a nice hike. Any recommendations for good camping spot to make a weekend with the winery, please send them my way!


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