Michelle on the 2015 Governor’s Cup Gold Medalists

Egov cupvery time a list comes out, I get excited. Whether it’s one of the top books of the season or a list of wineries to visit, I like to see which I’ve known or experienced and which ones I should check out.

One of the best lists of wine is obviously the list of Governor’s Cup Gold Medalists. The 2015 winners were just announced, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve been to two of the wineries listed! Which obviously means that with a list of 29 wines from 23 wineries, I have a lot of work to do!

The 2015 Governor’s Cup Gold Medalists are:

Barboursville Vineyards 2012 Meritage Octagon
Barren Ridge Vineyards 2010 Meritage
Bluestone Vineyard 2010 Meritage
Catoctin Creek Winery 2012 Meritage
Cross Keys Vineyards 2013 Touriga
DelFosse Vineyards & Winery 2013 Petit Verdot
Fabbioli Cellars 2012 Tannat
Granite Heights Winery 2012 Petit Manseng
Hiddencroft Vineyards 2012 Petit Verdot
Jefferson Vineyards 2012 Meritage
Jefferson Vineyards 2010 Meritage
Keswick Vineyards 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Reserve
King Family Vineyards 2012 Meritage
King Family Vineyards 2012 Petit Verdot
Muse Vineyards 2009 Meritage
Naked Mountain Winery 2010 Tannat
Narmada Winery 2010 Meritage Yash-Vir
Narmada Winery 2010 Meritage Melange
North Gate Vineyard 2012 Meritage
Paradise Springs Winery 2013 Chardonnay
Paradise Springs Winery 2012 Meritage
Pearmund Cellars 2013 Petit Manseng
Pollak Vineyards 2012 Meritage
Rockbridge Vineyard 2010 Vidal Blanc,Vignoles, Riesling V d’Or
Sunset Hills Vineyard 2012 Cabernet Franc Reserve Cabernet Franc
Vint Hill Craft Winery 2012 Petit Verdot
Virginia Wineworks 2012 Petit Manseng, Viognier Raisin d’Etre White
Virginia Wineworks 2012 Tannat
Virginia Wineworks 2012 Petit Verdot

Where are these wineries located? I’ve grouped them by region in case you want to go visit these wineries and taste their award-winning wine. Or, you can also go to the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival coming up on May 30 – 31 and catch some of them there!

Central Virginia Winning Wineries

Barboursville Vineyards
DelFosse Vineyards & Winery
Jefferson Vineyards
Keswick Vineyards
King Family Vineyards
Pollak Vineyards
Virginia Wineworks

Northern Virginia Winning Wineries

Catoctin Creek Winery
Fabbioli Cellars
Granite Heights Winery
Hiddencroft Vineyards
Naked Mountain Winery and Vineyards
Narmada Winery
North Gate Vineyard
Paradise Springs Winery
Pearmund Cellars
Sunset Hills Vineyard
Vint Hill Craft Winery

Shenandoah Valley Winning Wineries

Barren Ridge Vineyards
Bluestone Vineyard
CrossKeys Vineyards
Muse Vineyards
Rockbridge Vineyard

Clearly these three regions are basking in their successes! Congratulations to all those who won and those who entered—amazing efforts worth celebrating!

– Michelle


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