Quick and Easy Wine Craft

grape wreathThis is a different post than my usual history posts and winery reviews, but I thought I would share my newest wine craft that was SO EASY to make. I created a wreath with wine grapes for under $20 and less than 20 minutes. Here is how:


– grapes from the dollar store (5 for $1/each)
– grape vine wreath from Walmart (~ $5 for the large)
– ivy bundle from Walmart (if you can find grape leaves, even better!) (~$5)
– mini hot glue gun and sticks (~ $5)

How-to assemble:

1. cut ivy bundle into stems (about 4-6 leaves a stem)
2. carefully apply hot glue to the ends of each stem where cut and insert into wreath (try to keep hot glued end hidden in wreath)  – I used about 5 stems spaced out 3-5 inches and flowing in the same direction. You can add more or less, but I wanted to be able to see the grape vine wreath
3. carefully apply hot glue to the top stems of each grape bundle and glue to under ivy leaves (this helps to hide the glued ends/stems)
* If you prefer, you can substitute hot glue here for a thin green/brown wire to attach the grapes securely.
4. let it dry and you are set to hang!


– You can add a bow (I suggest burlap or another neutral material)
– Mix the grapes or change it up to match your wine preference: white or red

Other craft ideas or variations? Share them here!

– Christina


About Christina

Lover of history and wine | Colonial America and Virginia history | Virginia wine lover with a book addiction | vawineuncorked.com
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