Three Fox Vineyards Review

Three Foxes on TreeMy boyfriend and I decided to take a trip somewhere new during the first warm-ish day we had in winter this past January. We were looking for somewhere we could take the dogs and try a new glass of wine if possible.  After coming across Three Fox Vineyards on Twitter, I added them to my “10 Virginia Wineries to Visit in 2015” list. We saw they were dog-friendly, so we decided to take the drive down 66 to the vineyard to check them out…

Three Fox CreekThe vineyard is located in Delaplane, VA near a few other popular wineries (included Barrel Oak Winery). Situated in the mountains and beautiful country side, the view was breathtaking at first. We entered at the American and Italian flags, crossed over the creek that runs on property and up to the parking lot. We approached the tasting room with the dogs and were greeted by one of the employees who welcomed us inside. It was a small space, but comfortable and homely feeling. We were greeted most enthusiastically by the staff who welcomed both us and the dogs with open arms. There were other groups inside, some visiting the winery for the day and others visiting as a stop along their multi-winery travels with the other vineyards located in Delaplane.

Approaching the bar for a tasting, we sampled 11 wines from Three Fox Vineyards and an additional guest wine. The tasting was $12 plus an additional $2 for the guest wine (which I highly recommend). Some notes from the tasting and our personal favorites:

  • We sampled 4 white wines from Three Fox Vineyards, with my personal favorite being the “La Boheme Viognier” – this wine was fruity, smooth and had a fresh taste.
  • The “Gatto Bianco” was a fruity white I can see loving in the summer. It was sweet and reminded me of cotton candy.
  • Their rose was exceptional – “Cano Pazzo Rose” – it tasted like strawberries. It was sweet but not too sweet… a wonderful rose. (And my boyfriend would add it was less perfume-y than other roses)
  • We loved many of their reds, but the two we walked away with were the “IL Signor Reserve Sangiovese” (recommended for veal or lamb, but I can also see enjoying with a gouda) and the “Alouette Cabernet Franc” (peppery, smooth, and most award winning of their wines)
  • The guest wine was from Thibaut-Janisson (you may be familiar with the brand as the one served by Obama at a state dinner at the White House) – the guest wine we sampled was their sparkling chardonnay… very bubbly and fun. It was a sweet brut I very much enjoyed. It almost reminded me of Poprocks it was so bubbly on the tongue.

Three Fox RoseThree Fox Vineyards is noted for their Italian focus in their wines. Personally, I found their variety of wines made with the sangiovese grape to be exceptional. They did such a phenomenal job showing off this varietal and its characteristics in multiple wines. The sangiovese is featured in three of their wines, including their: Cano Pazo Rosse, IL Signor Reserve Sangiovese, and Volpe Sangiovese. Clearly, we loved their wines with this varietal so much, two of the three were on our top three wines from the vineyard.

During the tasting, our dogs were spoiled and received so much attention and so many treats. I think they enjoyed themselves! After the tasting, we took the rose to sip on outside. We went down to the tables they have located along the creek that runs on property… it was beautiful. I truly enjoyed myself on this winter day! After a little it started to get chilly so we took the dogs up to one of the fire pits they had going closer towards the tasting room. It was relaxing and perfect setting. In the background, there was live music being performed on the patio, adding to the experience.

Three Fox Field ViewIt is worth noting that the restrooms are porta-potties located on the exterior of the tasting room, so they are limited for large groups. However, the staff did a wonderful job keeping them clean. They even decorated the interior to make it feel like less of a portable restroom and added a space heater (which was most appreciated!)

Overall, we had a wonderful time at Three Fox Vineyards, and I highly recommend visiting if you have not already. Their sangiovese wines were exceptional, the location allowed for a great escape, and the staff members were welcoming and kind. Their slogan is “la dolce vita” – it truly is a sweet life and we had a great experience at Three Fox Vineyards. I cannot wait to go back as the weather continues to warm up.

– Christina


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