General’s Ridge Vineyard and Winery on the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail

Generals Ridge EntranceThis Labor Day weekend we explored more of the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail in the
Northern Neck of Virginia. First stop on our tasting tour Sunday was General’s Ridge Vineyard and Winery in Hague, Virginia. Located between the Rappahannock River and the Potomac River, the Northern Neck region if a beautiful place to visit and stay for the weekend, tour the history, bike the trails, and taste the wine. General’s Ridge Vineyard and Winery was a pleasant drive, and we very much enjoyed the wine!

Pulling into the front of General’s Ridge Vineyard and Winery, I was blown away by the acres of vines! It was refreshing to see so many grape vines on site being grown for the Generals Ridge Manor Housewine that was being sold there and at other wineries in the state. I learned General’s Ridge is known for the Pinot Grigio and does sell these grapes to other wineries for bottling. I believe General’s Ridge sends their wines to Virginia Wineworks for processing and production.  Continuing down the gravel pathway along the rows of grapes, visitors pass their beautiful Manor House on site (three-bedrooms available to rent for around $200/night) and the Vineyard View cottage (two-bedrooms available to rent for around $175). At the end of the gravel drive, we came to the tasting room with a spacious interior and beautiful view.

Tasting are $6 each and included a sampling of nine wines. The nine wines included a number of varietals, with grapes ranging from Traminette and Vidal, Pinot Grigio (of course), Chambourcin, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot and Merlot. The wines were a little on the sweet side, but not too sweet. I liked the variety and had many on the list I really enjoyed, including:

  • GRV White – a tropical taste was the first that hit me. Refreshing for the hot summer day!
  • GRV Rose – I think Michelle has me liking more and more Roses. This one was light, sweet, and a different type of rose – made from a blend of Cab Franc and Chambourcin, as well as Vidal. I tasted a hint of pepper, smooth to swallow, and balanced.
  • GRV Red – I loved the Chambourcin flavors I took out of this red. It was a great table wine.
  • Cabernet Franc – As a good Cab Franc should, peppery and pairs well with a steak. (Which is exactly what we paired with it – a delicious ribeye)

Without listing my favorite part of all of the wines, a couple last quick notes: the Viognier Generals Ridge Vineswas all gone by the time we got there! Apparently it was a popular visitor choice. Instead, we tried a new red dessert wine that was not yet on the menu… and it was GOOD. A sweet port with a hint of bourbon… I am regretting not buying a bottle of this too! The prices for the wines were very reasonable, especially for local wines. The GRV Rose and GRV White we bought were $12.95. The other wines ranged just slightly more, up to $21.95 for the Generals Nightcap white dessert wine.

We did not stay to hang out at the winery, but do intend to go back. They are dog friendly (with dog treats at the tasting bar inside). They had local artists’ works on display and for sale throughout the tasting room. I found this a very nice, added charm! The winery also hosts live music and events, including a murder mystery dinner next Saturday that looks like it will be a fun time. And they have a new wine club in the works (I am anxious to learn about the details of this!)

Generals Ridge Front CannonWe are looking forward to our next visit to General’s Ridge. The wines were good, the view amazing, the escape relaxing (though we do not live far at all from this winery). I highly recommend a trip, paired with Northern Neck history and tastings at other nearby wineries.

Have you been to General’s Ridge or other local wineries nearby? Share your thoughts! What were your favorite wines sampled? Why?




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