My Favorite Virginia Wineries I Visited in 2015

A look back on 2015… How did I do on my “10 Virginia Wineries I Hope to Visit in 2015” list this past year? I made it to only three of the ten on my to-visit list. With our move from Fairfax to the Northern Neck of Virginia, I was thrown off my A-game this past year. However, I did explore many other wineries new to me. A few of my favorites I visited this year:

  1. Ingleside Vineyards – A great staff, beautiful location, rich and history, and a nice variety of wines to sample. Ingleside Vineyards was one of the first wineries in the state to open, and they are still going strong. I just went back last week and picked up another 6 bottles, including two Petit Verdot. They have something for everyone!
  1. Caret Cellars – This is a new winery that opened late summer and hosted their grand opening on Halloween. Caret Cellars is the first winery in Essex County, and they have a beautiful vision for the future. With an experienced wine maker, they offer a nice selection of wines – including their popular River Red!
  1. The Winery at Bull Run – I had the opportunity to visit this winery a couple of times through the Business of Wine course I took through George Mason University and again with my book club. I fell in love with the history displayed at the winery. Visitors can make a day of visiting the winery, touring the property, or walking on nearby battlefield trails. A nice escape outside Fairfax!
  1. Three Fox Vineyards – We had such a wonderful experience when we visited Three Fox Vineyards. As we emerged from hibernation on the first warm-ish day this past year, we ventured out with the dogs to the mountains. The staff of Three Fox Vineyards welcomed us in with our dogs to the tasting room and gave us a wonderful and informative tasting! This winery offered a relaxing setting to enjoy our wine between the creek on property with picnic tables, the hammocks in the trees, and the fire pits atop the hill… this was a great escape.

Three Fox Rose

Coming soon, my new list of 10 wineries to visit in 2016… and I promise I will do better at visiting this time!




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