10 Virginia Wineries I Hope to Visit in 2016

There are so many wineries in the state I hope to visit this year between my personal adventures and the book club. Here are my top 10 I hope to visit at the moment (in no particular order):

The first of this list are those along the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail I have not yet been to. I am going through my wine trail passport and hope to visit the second half this year:

1. The Dog and Oyster – I think the name says it all. A winery centered around dogs and oysters… I have been itching to visit this winery since we moved here! (And plan to make this my first new winery of 2016)

2. Oak Crest Vineyard and Winery – I have sampled their wines before and enjoyed them. This winery is also close to my family in Stafford. Looking forward to exploring soon!

3. Athena Vineyards – This winery is new to me, and I do not know what to expect. However, I have not been disappointed by the wineries along the Trail yet. Stay tuned!

4. Jacey Vineyards – Another winery new to me. This winery has limited hours and is located along the water (encouraging you to visit by boat or car) I plan to visit when the weather gets warmer!

Other wineries I hope to visit outside the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail:

5. Hartwood Winery – Another winery I hope to visit soon… Hartwood is close to my hometown stomping grounds. I have heard great things about their wines and the grapes they grow on property.

6. Barboursville Vineyards – This was on my to-visit list last year, and I will not give up on my attempts to get there! I enjoy their wines and the variety they offer. We have read about their great cottages on site and hope to make a weekend adventure out of our visit by staying in one when we go to taste on location for the first time.

7. Horton Vineyards – Another winery from my 2015 list we were unable to make it to. We hope to pair our visit here with our weekend trip to Barboursville. Can’t wait to sample some of my favorite wines at the vineyard they are grown!

8. Early Mountain Vineyards – We were recommended this vineyard as a must-visit the other day and intend to follow this recommendation as soon as possible.

9. New Kent Winery – A beautiful setting not too far from our new home and wines that I have had before and enjoy. I have been meaning to visit for a while!

10. Gauthier Vineyard – We drove past the vineyard the other day on our way to Williamsburg. We are now Colonial Williamsburg season pass holders… now that I know this Vineyard is along our trip, we’ll plan to swing in one day for a sampling of something brand new to us!




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Lover of history and wine | Colonial America and Virginia history | Virginia wine lover with a book addiction | vawineuncorked.com
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2 Responses to 10 Virginia Wineries I Hope to Visit in 2016

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  2. Sandi Gauthier says:

    Christina, we look forward to your visit to Gauthier Vineyard. We just celebrated our second year of the tasting room being open at the farm and are so grateful to our patrons! It has been an exciting venture for our entire family and we have had a blast – learned a lot – and made many new friends.

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