Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, Virginia

Stone Tower 3

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Just north of Gilbert’s Corner, across Route 15 from Oatlands, rests Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, Virginia. But perhaps ‘rest’ is not the appropriate term for what happens on top of Hogback Mountain. Stone Tower Winery has a booming business and an ever-expanding venue as it grows in popularity as an events center and wedding venue.

I should know—I was married there myself in September.

The winery hosts a variety of fun events, and it was at one of them that I was first introduced to it. A paint and knit class to speak with my future mother-in-law, where we made knitted coasters (though I will definitely say that mine turned out as a guinea pig sombrero, which our late and great pig, Kwaulie, would wear on occasion). The Harvest Barn made for a great venue in winter, with the space heaters and comfortable furniture. It has the rustic appeal that many wineries aim for, but thanks to the owners’ Belfort Furniture, there is definitely an elevated sense of style and comfort. I remember thinking that it was all so quaint with the rows of fairy lights and barrels that I even though I wasn’t even yet engaged, I thought it would make a great venue.

So when it came time to venue shopping, Stone Tower was one of the first places I went to. We were treated very nicely by their staff, even having one of the owners answer our questions. Some of things that made me pick Stone Tower over some of the other wineries and venues I visited was:

  • Stone Tower 1At the time we were booking it, there was only the Harvest Barn and we were allowed to have the entire place for the day. They told us that they would close that day for us, so we wouldn’t have to worry about any random visitors walking through the ceremony or reception.
  • Great indoor and outdoor options.
  • The décor was already closely aligned with what I was going for: local harvest festival, farm chic.
  • They were okay with us using any caterer we wanted, though they did provide us a list of recommended vendors.
  • It’s not too remote. It is right off of a major highway, and while it’s still about 30 minutes away from Leesburg proper or Dulles in terms of hotels, it’s closer than some other places.

Stone Tower 2By the time my wedding date rolled around (a year and a half later—you have to book fast and far in advance!), Stone Tower was putting the final touches on their new building. Massive on its own and definitely when compared with the Harvest Barn, this new building hosts a new tasting room, a very well-appointed reception area, as well as additional event space and a patio on the second level. There are fire pits, and lawn games, all overlooking their little pond and vineyards. While still in keeping with their general theme of comfort, class, and a bit of a rustic twinge, the new building hosts a different aesthetic with its barrel cellar and chandeliers. It more closely resembles a fine dining, events banquet hall than the farm appeal of the Harvest Barn.

We held the reception alongside the vines and the reception in the new building. The staff were extremely helpful and made the day go off without a hitch. My guests loved the venue and I would venture to say that if I had been on TLC’s Four Weddings that I would have gotten full points for venue. My favorite wine of theirs is their Blanc de Blanc, a very tasty sparkling that we used for our toast. Stone Tower is definitely worth a visit when in Loudoun County’s wine country.


Stone Tower 4

Photo Credit: Heather Adams Photography (


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