Belle Mount Vineyards in Warsaw, Virginia

Belle Mount Vineyards Tasting RoomI realized I never posted a review on the first of the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail destinations I visited: Belle Mount Vineyards in Warsaw, Virginia. Located just before the bridge from Warsaw to Tappahannock, Belle Mount Vineyards is a beautiful escape in the country side. We stopped in one afternoon on our way home from exploring the new area we had just moved to.

Our first taste of Belle Mount Vineyards was at a wine festival last summer. Our group enjoyed the Sweet Breeze so much on that hot day we purchased a bottle to carry around while we waited in lines. This was the hit wine again when we visited the tasting room.

To get to the Belle Mount Vineyards tasting room, visitors drive up a hill and around the bend before they see the tasting room and venue hall of the winery. (A nice location for weddings and similar events.) The tasting room is quaint, with gifts available for purchase along with the bottles of wine. The day we visited was another hot one, so we found the sweet, cool wines to be refreshing. As I mentioned, our favorite was the Sweet Breeze: honey-sweet with tropical fruit flavors, this wine is meant for a hot summer day. The Workboat Red was another sweet red from the Chambourcin grape that would make a great Sangria (as they recommend and provide the recipe for.)

Belle Mount Vineyards View

Belle Mount Vineyards view from entrance

The unique features of Belle Mount Vineyards are their camping cabins and proximity to the River, tributaries, and historical sites. Belle Mount Vineyards does have cottages for rent. While we did not stay in one, the photos from their website make them appear to be a relaxing destination. Belle Mount Vineyards is located along the pristine tributary, Cat Point Creek. I highly recommend a kayak or fishing excursion along the creek, followed by a tasting on your return. I cannot put into words the beauty of Cat Point Creek from the kayak. My first adventure up, we saw multiple Bald Eagles and traveled down narrow paths one cannot reach by foot. Beautiful. The fishing is great as well, and as one may expect, the Cat Fish are prime. One of our go-to fishing spots is at the mouth of Cat Point Creek, where it opens into the Rappahannock River.

I mentioned the history surrounding Belle Mount Vineyards. One cannot take a trip to the Northern Neck without visiting one of the many historic sites. Across the Creek from Belle Mount Vineyards is Menokin, the home of patriot Francis Lightfoot Lee. In town, there is the Richmond County Museum with more information on other destinations in the area. (There is also a great used book store where all books are $1 or less.) Nearby Belle Mount Vineyards are other wineries too, including: The Hague Winery, Vault Field Vineyards, General’s Ridge Vineyard, and across the bridge is Caret Cellars.

If you visit Belle Mount Vineyards, be sure to add on an adventure either along the water or in town at one of the many historic sites.





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