VA Wine Uncorked March Wineness Kick-Off!

There’s a Disney bracket, and there is the real basketball bracket. Which got us thinking–why not have a Virginia wine bracket as well?!

Christina and I worked hard to compile a list of 16 favorite wines that can be purchased still from a variety of wineries in Virginia. We matched them as best as we could with reds against reds, whites against whites.

Each wine is randomly paired against another within their respective category. The voting for each round will last five days, with the winners of each round moving onto the next one. The rounds will be:

Starting Sixteen: 3/12-3/16
Exciting Eight: 3/17-3/21
Fabulous Four: 3/22-3/26
Finale: 3/27-3/31

So, without further ado, here is VA Wine Uncorked’s 2016 March Wineness bracket at the link below!

Voting for those wines to proceed to the Exciting Eight begins now! Place your votes using the link below! We will announce the winners on March 17!

Good luck to all these incredible wineries and tasty wine!

Vote here!


Michelle and Christina

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