Vote on the Exciting Eight in the VA Wine Uncorked March Wineness Challenge

Wow! Thank you all for voting in the first round of our 2016 March Wineness VA Wine bracket challenge! We ended up with some very interesting results and so we’re pleased to announce those wines that have made it on to the next round: The Exciting Eight!

All the wines are absolutely amazing, and there is a reason why we selected them to compete in the Starting Sixteen in the first place. Definitely give them all a taste!

  • Williamsburg Winery’s 2013 Two Shilling Red faces off with the 2013 Norton from Paradise Springs Winery.
  • Barren Ridge Vineyards’ 2014 Red Barren challenges Rosemont’s 2013 Kilravock.
  • In a battle of sweet and tasty white wines, Chateau Morrisette’s Our Dog Blue faces the 2014 Delaney from The Winery at Bull Run.
  • Narmada Winery’s 2011 Mom advances to challenge Caret Cellars’ 2014 Rosato.

Which wines will advance to the Fabulous Four? Well, that is entirely up to you! Place your votes in the survey below and we will announce the winners on March 22! The final match will be on March 27 and the winner will be selected by April 1! Let the competition continue!

Vote here!

Christina & Michelle

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