Oak Crest Vineyard and Winery in King George, VA

Oak Crest Sign8 wineries down on the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail, only 2 more to go!

We have visited Belle Mount Vineyards, Dog and Oyster Vineyard, General’s Ridge Vineyard, Good Luck Cellars, Ingleside Vineyards,  Vault Field Vineyards, the newest winery on the trail, Caret Cellars, and finally OAK CREST VINEYARD AND WINERY!

We loved our visit to Oak Crest Vineyards. Prior to heading out towards Colonial Beach, we were at the Leedstown Resolves 250th Anniversary event at Stratford Hall. (Feb 27, 1766 – Feb 27, 2016) A mini history lesson: the Leedstown Resolves was an act of resistance in response to the Stamp Act of 1765, and was one of the first public acts against the crown, sparking the flame towards revolution. On February 27, 1766, 115 patriots from around Virginia (particularly the Northern Neck region) came together to sign their names to these resolves penned by Richard Henry Lee. In short, they declared no taxation without representation. The 250th anniversary commemoration was a popularly attended event, and a fun time with interpreters, history, and more. Back to Oak Crest Vineyard and Winery…

Oak Crest VinesPulling into the winery, we were surrounded by trees and vines. The winery is in a beautiful location, and feels like a hidden gem. We were early birds and the first visitors of the day; We were greeted so warmly and could not wait to start the tasting. I have had Oak Crest’s wines before at a couple of the large wine festivals, like Bull Run. Memory served me right – I loved their wines.

For $5 we tasted 11 wines, including:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon x2 – different styles, one from the father and the other from the son. I preferred the 2nd I sampled, which was had an oakier influence. My boyfriend preferred the first.
  • Cannon Ridge Red – Charlie’s favorite; This wine had a light sweetness and featured a commemorative label for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. (Their star was Adm. John A. Dahlgren)
  • Summer Rose – this is a light, 100% Cab Sav rose. A nice and light sipping wine, it was the first wine we opened when we got home.
  • Moonlight Sanata – made from the Symphony grape, this grape is a popular varietal at the winery and the base for many of their wines. The Symphony grape was discovered around the 1940s by UC Davis. The wine has a floral sweet nose, perhaps honeysuckle may come out.
  • Summer Medley – one of my favorites; This wine is a refreshing strawberry wine made with Virginia strawberries and the Symphony grape. It is sweet, but not overwhelmingly. The perfect summer time chilled wine.
  • Symphony (Sweet) – smells of honey; Light and not syrupy sweet.
  • Finale – a hot wine, this wine has 17.1% alcohol; A port-style white, it is unique with a honey linger.
  • Ruby – another port-style wine, this one a red with 17.5% alcohol. I got a taste of currents on my tongue.
  • Sangria – this wine is dangerously good; It goes down like grape juice and is the perfect summer time wine serve chilled. It is smooth, sweet, and refreshing.
  • Hot Jazz – this wine is so unique, and a different kind of treat from the winery! The wine is made from Oak Crest’s Symphony grape and jalapeno. It smells like it will burn, but it surprisingly went down smooth and did not have an uncomfortably hot bite. The Symphony grape really complimented that jalapeno. This wine would pair great with a white cheese.

We ended up buying 6 bottles between the Cannon Ridge Red, Summer Rose, Moonlight Sanata, Summer Medley, and Hot Jazz. And we now receive 10% off on all wines at each of the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail wineries through our trail passport (woohoo!)

Oak Crest FireFollowing our tasting, the winery representative lit their fire place for us to enjoy a cozy glass of wine. The staff was so friendly and informative! We enjoyed a glass each (I went for the Summer Medley) and walked around the gift shop. They have some great items for sale, including jewelry and locally made wood and ceramic crafts, cheese plates, and more. For the visitors looking to enjoy a snack, they also had artisan cheeses and salamis available for purchase.

We cannot wait to go back during the summer to enjoy a glass of wine on their patio. This may be one of my favorite wineries in the Northern Neck! And being so close to Ingleside Winery, on the way home we stopped by here too for a quick tasting and stock-up on some of our other favorites.

Have you been to Oak Crest Vineyard and Winery or sampled them at a wine festival? What was your favorite wine?



Oak Crest Patio


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