VA Wine Uncorked’s March Wineness Champion!

We have made it to the end! 19 days ago we launched this bracket challenge in the spirit of the NCAA March Madness brackets that everyone fills out. We each picked eight of our favorite wines and randomly matched them up, separating the red wines from the white wines. Every five days, we had a poll open for everyone to vote on their favorite wines, helping us move from the Starting Sixteen, to the Exciting Eight, to the Fabulous Four, and then to the Finale.

So it is now, with great pleasure to announce the winner of VA Wine Uncorked’s 2016 March Wineness bracket challenge…

Narmada Winery’s 2011 Mom!

We were both a little surprised to see a white wine win over a red wine, considering the more historic pattern of red wines winning in different competitions. Narmada Winery’s Mom is definitely a wine worthy of the title, as it is a very accessible and light white wine narmada-winerywith a lot of flavor. I enjoyed a glass of it with a plate of butter chicken when I visited the winery just last month.

Congratulations to Narmada Winery! Who doesn’t love Mom?

We would like to extend a great big thank you to all the followers that retweeted our calls for votes, shared our posts on Facebook, liked our Instagram pictures, and placed their votes in this competition. It has all been said in the previous March Wineness post, but it needs to be said again. Without your help, we would not have had such a successful inaugural challenge.

We’ll continue to look for ways to interact with you and bring even more fun to the Virginia wine scene! Check out all these wineries and perhaps pour a glass of these particular wines. All of them are currently available and come highly recommended.

Christina & Michelle

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