Center of the Universe Brewing Company in Ashland, VA

Center of the Universe Brewing Company (COTU) is just outside our Virginia capital of Richmond. Their brews are good and the atmosphere fun.

I went to COTU for the first time a couple of years back — you can tell they love what they do! According to their website, the brewery was opened in 2012, but the brewing fun began before then as a hobby. I first learned about the brewery from a friend who hosted an event there, and I made it a mission to try this Virginia brewery. In fact, this was the first brewery in Virginia I went to! (Prior to COTU, I had only been to the Guiness Factory in Ireland)

When I first went to visit, I sampled a few of their brews. A couple I enjoyed:

Pocahoptas – while I do not typically go for pale ales, I was surprised by the fruitiness and drinkability of this beer. A cleverly named brew, and fun one to sample!

Chin Music – ever been to a Richmond Flying Squirrels game? This is their featured amber lager! I tend to go towards amber lagers when I drink a beer, and I liked this one as a go-to.

Shut Up – a dark, port beer; This brew is high in alcohol content, and filled with bursting, dark, smoky aromas. A fun fact I learned: this beer is aged in port barrels, from where? Barrel Oak Winery! (You knew I had to bring this conversation around to Virginia wine)

One of the things I love about this brewery is the atmosphere. The couple of times I have been, it was laid back and fun. There were picnic tables outside to relax on. The brewery is dog-friendly outdoors (always a plus). Inside, they had live music going. The  back room has dart boards and other activities. I saw on their Facebook page they also have disc golf and yoga events. I could spend a good afternoon here!

Another thing I like about COTU is their support of the homebrewer. On their website, COTU offers tips for the homebrewer (or aspiring homebrewer to help them get started). They even have a homebrewing contest, and they will bottle and sell the winner’s beer! If you are into brewing your own beers, you have to check out COTU. Ask your questions about homebrewing, or share your latest creation!

I rarely make it to Virginia breweries, but this is something I hope to change. I really had a fun time when I visited COTU, and I hope to go back with friends this summer.




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