Travel Tuesday: Caribbean Destinations and Drink Specialties

Happy Travel Tuesday! I love Virginia wines, but I also love to travel and try something new. This post is over five years in the making…

My boyfriend and I have been hopping the islands since 2011 – my first experience of the Caribbean. Since that first vacation to paradise, I have been hooked! What is our secret to afford these adventures? We stalk Living Social, and this year, we have booked through Cheap Caribbean.

When going to the islands, visitors have to try the island’s rum and other local brews. Below is a summary of the islands visited and our favorite drink-specialties from each:

Saint Lucia Chairmans ReserveSaint Lucia – there is a brew and a rum to highlight here. The Piton Beer from St. Lucia is named for the island’s Piton Mountains. Personally, I was not a fan of this brew (it reminded me of Miller Highlife) but many people chose this at their go-to drink. I much preferred the rum, Chairman’s Reserve. This was a spiced rum and one of the island’s specialties. As the label reads, it is recommended to drink this rum chilled over ice or with cranberry juice. As you can see from the photo, we are savoring the last little bit of this rum we have left.Antigua Cavalier2

Antigua – the Cavalier golden rum was a popular drink on the island. This rum goes great with any tropical drink, including one of my favorites from our resort, the Yellow Bird. A note on Antigua: this island may be small, but there is so much to do and see!

Dominican Republic BottleDominican Republic – we discovered mamajuana in the Dominican Republic night one at our resort. It was a popular, signature drink! This drink is a concoction of rum, red wine, and honey that have been soaking in a bottle with tree bark. The liquid is red in color, and has a smooth sweetness when made right. It was recommended to drink this as a shot. When in the Dominican Republic, we stayed near Puerta Plata.

And this year, we are going to Curacao! Naturally, we are looking forward to tasting the Curacao liqueur there, especially the blue Curacao. Curacao is made from the island’s laraha citrus peel, similar to an orange.

I love to explore new places and learn their histories. I also love to sample the cuisine and refreshments! There is always something new and exciting to taste and learn. As always, drink responsibly.





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