New Kent Winery in New Kent, VA

New Kent EntranceIt was a dreary day, so we looked for something to do indoors. Naturally, my first idea was to go explore a new winery or two. I had just received a Tweet from @CivilWarTrails about the release of the White Norton at New Kent Winery – I was instantly intrigued. I love a good Norton, and a white Norton is unique. So off we went towards New Kent County for a stop at New Kent Winery followed by Saudé Creek Vineyards. (a full review on Saudé Creek coming next week…)

New Kent Winery was easy to get to after following through traffic circles towards the back New Kent Courtyardof a new neighborhood. Throughout the drive towards the winery, vines were growing along the neighborhood in fields by the roadside. Pulling up to the winery, we were impressed with the beauty of the venue. The brick exterior, tall doors, courtyard, and surrounding fields with more vines created a beautiful, fancy setting. Entering the winery, we were instantly greeted by a staff member and directed towards the bar for our tasting. Our first impression was: this is nice. There were families and a couple of dogs in the tasting room; the interior space was impressive. We learned the bar was made from repurposed wood – you could tell it was built by skilled craftsmen who took a lot of care.

The tasting cost $10 to sample eight wines. On the menu, it was noted to be a “tasting and tour,” though I felt this was misleading. It is really just a tasting. The tasting included two Chardonnays, a Meritage, two Merlots (a red and a white), White Norton, Vidal Blanc, and a “Sweet Virginia.” My personal favorites:

  • New Kent Awards3White Norton – This wine was even better than I had imagined and is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. This Norton was light, fruity, with a hint of spice. It was an amazingly different blush-style wine. We bought two bottles of this at $22 a bottle. (And I recently discovered our local ABC sells it for less than $16 – I need to stock up!)
  • Vidal Blanc – This white wine was light with an apple-like crisp taste. This is a refreshing, chilled wine.
  • Sweet Virginia – This Virginia rose was like a strawberry grape wine. It really played with the senses and gave a sweet nip for a good dessert.

New Kent ViewThe winery offered beautiful views from inside the tasting room and outside on the patios. If only it was not raining, we would have liked to sit back and enjoy the view a little longer. The staff was very friendly, and I loved the dogs in the tasting room – a comfortable atmosphere! They are a well-known winery and have received many awards over the years. The wines were good, especially their unique take on the Norton. This winery is a community winery, located in close proximity to other wineries and is not far from historical sites with its location between Richmond and Williamsburg. A fun stop for discovering something new!




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