Just in time for Summer – The Winery at Bull Run Rosé

Bull Run1

Summer is finally here!

To pair with the hot summer heat, my wine cravings change for lighter, fruitier, chilled wines. Rosés tend to be a popular go-to for me and are great options for groups with different pallets. When offered the opportunity to try a bottle of the new rosé from the Winery at Bull Run, I was excited.

The reason for my absence the past couple of weeks in blogging is because we just bought a house and were moving. After a long day of packing and carrying those heavy boxes in the summer heat, I set my heart on that rosé chilling. It was a perfect and refreshing ending to the long day!

The nose was sweet and fruity. At first I tasted a light strawberry and cherry fruit combination, though slightly dry and not too sweet – the balance was just right. I then noticed the strawberry lingering on my tongue in a good way, not bitter.

The second sip was even better… smoother. There was still that burst of fruit lingering in my mouth and coating my tongue. The wine was light to drink, and I liked it the more I continued to sip on it.

This rosé is perfect for a summertime barbeque and chilling in the sun. Think Fourth of July just around the corner! It would pair great with a burger from the grill. It is also a great group wine. I think it would be enjoyed by both the white lover and the red lover alike, and I can see the wine standing out as a popular group favorite in a tasting.

Perhaps it was the long day of moving going to my head, or perhaps it was the wine… the song “Summer Lovin” got stuck in my head as I enjoyed a second glass.

So there you go… a well-balanced rosé released just in time for summer by the Winery at Bull Run just waiting to be paired with a burger by the pool on a hot summer day.

Heading to the Winery at Bull Run for a visit? Do not forget all there is to do at the many historic sites surrounding the Winery! Enjoy a hike through the battlefield and stop to read the interpretive signs and monuments. You will get a lot out of your visit (and will work up that thirst for a tasting.)

Cheers to #vawine!


Bull Run 5


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