Montross Brewery

The Northern Neck is known for its beauty, its history, its wine and oysters. Now, in the historic town of Montross, there is a new experience to add to this list: Montross Brewery. Making their debut during First Friday in Montross this past September, their tasting room grand opening was October 1st and brings a unique and enjoyable experience to this small town.montross-brewery

The Brewery is the dream of a husband-wife team who created this small-batch brewery in Westmoreland County – the birthplace of Presidents George Washington and James Monroe, Declaration of Independence Signers Francis Lightfoot Lee and Richard Henry Lee, and General Robert E. Lee. You can visit the brewery on Friday evenings from 7:00-9:00 or Saturdays from 12:00-9:00. On arrival, you will be warmly greeted in a quaint tasting room with your daily brew selection fresh on tap. The brews are served in mason jars, adding to that small-town, comforting experience.

I have to admit (with a light blush) we first visited the brewery three weeks ago, and we’ve gone back each weekend since to sample something new.  Follow their Facebook page to keep up with what the daily tap selections are. So far I have tried:

  • Angry SOB – IPA (my fiance’s personal favorite; A great example of an IPA)
  • Come Here – Belgian style ale
  • From Here – Kölsch
  • Homewrecker – Citra Saison
  • Islander – Orange Wit (my personal favorite; This beer was light, crisp, refreshing, and would be the perfect pair with a summer day)
  • Timberman – Chocolate Ginger Porter (this was the most recent brew I sampled after I made a diversion from my daily plans just to sample this new brew on tap; This brew offers a pleasant kick of ginger on the tongue and very subtle chocolate notes – the perfect chilly day brew)

In addition to their brews on tap, they have a crave-worthy ginger ale. Montross has a deep history with ginger ale – Northern Neck Ginger Ale was invented in 1926 in the town and bottled for decades here. Though it is no longer produced in the town, it is still a popular favorite.  Montross Brewery has embraced the town’s history of ginger ale and has brought it back with their Old Fashioned Ginger Ale. I couldn’t wait to try this “old fashioned” refreshment when I learned its recipe dates to the late 1800s. They pride themselves in their hand-crafted, made with fresh ingredients, ginger ale. On first sip, it was unlike any I’ve had – light and crisp, fresh ginger snap hit, sweet and smooth. I’m obsessed.

A few more notes on the brewery: They are dog friendly (my first turn-on to them!) and allowed our dogs to join us in the tasting room as we enjoyed our brews; They offer a nice outdoor space with fire pit for visitors to relax in the historic town; While they are new, you can’t purchase their brews by the growler (yet) but you can purchase their ginger ale by the growler if you’d like to take some home! Final note for now, they are looking for local food vendor partners and this past weekend partnered with the Art of Coffee in town to bring a chili and cornbread for visitors to purchase.

We have found one of our new favorite places to visit and take a break between weekend chores. I find myself checking their Facebook page to see what is new on tap I haven’t tried. Plus, the brewery is located along Route 3 in town next to great restaurants (Angelo’s and Art of Coffee are two of my favorites) and surrounded by historical sites – an easy pit stop along the road.

Cheers and enjoy!



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  1. Loved this article. We’d love to have you stop by Westmoreland County Museum again some time. Might I recommend a visit in mid-March. We’ll have a student art display beginning March 15th and ending April 15th. We will also have some new exhibits starting then. Good luck on your travels.

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