The Production Process and People

The growth and production process of wine is complex and its innovations are important in the history of the Virginia wine industry. With advancements in technology and ideas came advancements in the Virginia wine industry as Virginians discovered new ways to grow the fragile European vinifera grapes in the Virginia climate, stand up to the pest phylloxera, and go on to become a major wine producer in the United States.

In addition to the technological advancement that have effected the Virginia wine industry and helped to further its growth and economic benefits for the state, key individuals have emerged throughout Virginia’s history who have played their part in transforming the industry. For example, numerous individuals throughout the first two centuries of Virginia’s founding attempted to grow vines and produce wine in the state. A lot of energy went into these attempts, but none were successful until Charles Carter of Virginia in the late eighteenth century. During the 1830s, the discovery made by Dr. Daniel Norton of Virginia helped to bring Virginia onto the international wine map and further the industry. In recent history, select individuals have contributed significantly to expand the Virginia wine industry and transform it into what it is today.

Learn more about the history of the production process and its innovations, what set Virginia apart, and the individuals who contributed to its history and made it what it is today:


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