VA Wine History Timeline

The history of Virginia wine can be traced back to the colonial origins of the state and has filled the centuries with failures, controversies, and progress. Travel through the centuries and learn more about the importance wine has had in Virginia history, how Virginia wines have grown in prominence in recent decades, and how Virginia wines have affected the state economically.

The history of Virginia wine has witnessed hopes and failures, progress and set-backs, as well as innovation and recognition. Despite multiple laws passed in the 1600s and 1700s along with failed attempts to grow the European vinifera vines in Virginia, Virginians did not give up on the dream for the colony to become a wine producer. They carried on for centuries until it became a reality. In 2012, there were over 230 wineries in the state with more in the planning stages to open. This is an enormous increase, and the wine industry’s growth has had major economic effects on the state. Learn about the progression of this rich history of Virginia wine in the state and why it is important today.

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