2000s: A New Century with National and International Expectations

By the twenty-first century, the wine industry in Virginia was experiencing continued exponential growth and was receiving government support. In addition, Virginia wines were leaving their impact on the national and international markets as they won awards and recognition. With over 230 wineries in the state by 2012, it has been projected the wine industry will continue to grow and make an impact internationally.


The government of Virginia legalized interstate shipment of wine from Virginia to outside states.


The government of Virginia established the Virginia Wine Board to help monitor and further the wine industry in the state. During this time, there were 78 wineries in the state.


The Code of Virginia on licensing and farm wineries enacted regulations to protect the industry’s expansion and not limit them to local ordinances targeting wineries. They allowed wineries to host their events and activities without fighting local regulations as long as public safety was not threatened. Read more on the Code 15.2-2288.3. “Licensed farm wineries; local regulation of certain activities.”


Travel + Leisure magazine included Virginia in their “Wine-Lover’s Guide: 5 Regions to Visit Now” article declaring Virginia to be a “must-visit…of any adventurous wine traveler.” Read the article “Wine Lovers Guide: 5 Regions to Visit Now” from Travel + Leisure.


The first every National Chardonnay Day was declared. The day is popularly celebrated on May 22nd or 23rd, and on occasion the 26th. Enjoy a glass of one of the world’s most popular wines!


The Virginia Wine Board declared that focus be given to the Viognier grape, making it the state grape of Virginia.


In February 2012, the Virginia General Assembly passed the House Joint Resolution No. 274, which commended the Virginia Wine Industry on its 250th Anniversary. This document stated it was “RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That the General Assembly hereby commend the Virginia Wine Industry on the occasion of its 250th anniversary of producing internationally recognized fine wines in the Commonwealth.”  Read more from the “House Joint Resolution No. 274” and its recognitions of the Virginia Wine Industry


The 2012 to 2013 Annual Report from the Virginia Wine Board estimated 230 wineries in the state in 2012 with more planning to open. This represents a 66% increase since the Board’s founding in 2004. In addition, there were a total of 2,974 acres in Virginia dedicated to growing grapes in 2012. A large increase in acreage dedicated to vine growth from the 1,900 acres in 2004.

The wine industry was thriving and wineries had become a place for weddings, festivals, and other community events. Read the “Virginia Wine Board Annual Report for 2012-2013” under the Virginia Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services.

Virginia wine sales reached an all-time high according to Governor McDonald. Read more on the Pearmund Cellars Website.


Today, Virginia is ranked 5th in the United States in wine production.


Interested in more information on the Virginia Governor’s Cup and award winners in recent decades? Check out the Virginia Wineries Association’s website.


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